Welcome to gp|photography

I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based in Massachusetts and graduated from SUNY Purchase, new media/photography, in New York.
I love simple and direct photography, minimal compositions, the intuition of the moment: a style which is able to seize the fleeting moment and capture it in an image that has a powerful emotional impact.
As far as i’m concerned, being a photographer is not just a matter of technique, which is obviously fundamental. It is a sort of pure “heart instinct.” it’s my own emotion that leads my eye to capture just “that” face expression, just “that” moment and no other. And the marvelous thing is that you can tell a story, a love story, using images that are so amazing just because they are real!
To know a new couple, listen to their story, and be involved in their best day: this is the great beauty and the privilege of my job.
I’m based in Massachusetts but i work wherever love stories call me.